“The guitar - this "little orchestra," as the great composer Hector Berlioz once said - doesn't always fit well when mixed with other instruments. With smooth sound that leads to cozy intimacy, the guitar works well in small groupings. A joyful combination with the guitar is the human voice, and Brazil has a huge tradition in this mixture. Flute and cello is another fantastic mix.

           Mixing these three instruments is not enough, though, to have a satisfactory result. It's also necessary to count on three excellent musicians; that the chosen repertory is coherent and well arranged; and that the sound quality is really great in order to grasp the acoustics essence of these instruments.

            The Alma Brasileira Trio, which now presents its first CD, combined all these characteristics in their debut work: an extremely well-chosen repertoire, fortunate arrangements and adaptations, balance in sound and precise interpretation.
            The CD of the Alma Brasileira Trio that is now being publicly presented is an important contribution to our musical history. Brazil is a country that evokes a lot of respect and admiration throughout the world when the subject is music. As a Brazilian musician dedicated to our history, I am very happy and honored to be close to a launch like this one. I've seen a new generation of musicians emerge with creativity and expertise. This shows that our musical history is still being written every day and new talents become part of it.”
  Marco Pereira  
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